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About Bari, Guide and Tourist Attractions
(Bari, Puglia, Italy)

Located in Italy's Puglia province, Bari is a beach community with an exciting nightlife and a uniquely diverse history.

The area hosts an upbeat nightlife, an archaeological museum and displays of Norman architecture in the old city.

What to Do in Bari

Bari's coastline is ideal for sunbathing and swimming, with other outdoor sports such as horseback riding and hiking inland available to tourists. The new city is home to plenty of clubs and nightspots. A drive out of town is also worthwhile, running the gamut of dazzling ocean vistas, framed by overhanging cliffs.

Exploring the old city opens up the region's 900 years of history, which can also be traced both through the city's architecture and at the local museum.

Tourist Attractions

The old city of Bari was built as a maze in order to confuse invading armies. In present days, it makes for an interesting walk, at the heart of which you'll find the Basilica di San Nicola. This cathedral is an outstanding specimen of Italian masonry and contains a wealth of remarkable items including relics taken as plunder from the Byzantines during the course of the Crusades. Also noteworthy are the Episcopal throne, the 12th century altar canopy and the meticulously tiled mosaic behind the altar.

Nearby, the Cattedrale di San Sabino dates back nine centuries. This church maintains its history with a roof made of timber and a distinctly medieval air.

The new city houses the Museo Archiologico, with displays and information about the history of the region including specimens collected from the Peucetic, Daunic and Messapian peoples.

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