Port of Bari

Ferries and Ferry Companies Operating
(Bari, Puglia, Italy)

The Port of Bari is serviced by Superfast Ferries, Azzurraline, Ventouris Ferries and Minoan Lines.

Superfast offers services to Corfu, Igoumenitsa, Cephalonia and Patras; Azzurraline sends passengers to Kotor, Durres and Dubrovnik; Ventouris crosses to Durres, Igoumenitsa and Corfu and Minoan Lines services Patras.

Superfast Ferries

Superfast Ferries offers transportation between Greece and Italy. All of their vessels are German-made and relatively new, having only begun service between 2001 and 2002.

Service from Bari to Corfu (8 hours) is only offered from late June to early September and ships depart every second day during these months.

A ferry departs daily for Igoumenitsa (9 hours, 30 minutes) and for Patras (15 hours, 30 minutes), with an additional stop made first at Corfu during the summer.

The Superfast fleet includes the Superfast V and the Superfast VI. These vessels can accommodate 1,595 passengers and up to 1,000 cars. The Superfast VII, Superfast VIII, Superfast IX and Superfast X are the same size, but with a slightly smaller capacity, accommodating between 626 and 717 people and up to 900 vehicles. Facilities on all of these vessels include children's playrooms, shops, conference rooms, reception and drivers' lounges. Passengers can get a snack at the à la carte restaurant, or enjoy a full meal at the self-service restaurant. Alcoholic beverages are served in the bar lounge and at the open deck bar. Further recreational facilities include a casino, disco lounge and a swimming pool, which also has a bar.

The Superfast XI and the Superfast XII can accommodate 1,550 people and 661 cars. Facilities are similar to those offered on the other vessels, with the addition of a video games room, internet facilities and satellite television.

Azzurraline Ferry Company

Azzurraline has been offering ferry service across the Adriatic Sea since 2001, connecting the port of Bari with the ports of Kotor, Durres and Dubrovnik. Annually, Azzurra transports in excess of 6,000 cars and 50,000 passengers.

Azzurra ferries depart daily for the Croatian port of Dubrovnik during the summer months (June to September), with a travel time of 7 hours, 30 minutes. The ferries sail two times a week at night.

Services to Albania sail for Durres thrice weekly, with a travel time of 8 hours, 30 minutes over a distance of 125 nautical miles.

A newer service to Kotor in Montenegro began in 2005. This journey takes 9 hours and sails twice weekly, always at night.

Azzurra vessels are owned by the A.S.C. Ltd., shipping company, a Maltese company operated under Italian management. The company promises high-quality services, along with a quiet and relaxed journey. The ships are registered by the Italian Classification Society and meet with SOLAS standards for passenger-bearing vessels.

Ventouris Company

Ventouris Ferry Company offers ferry services between the Port of Bari and Durres and Igoumenitsa, with services to Corfu and Cephalonia available only during the summer months.

Ferries for Durres leave twice weekly and travel time is approximately 9 hours.

Ferries bound for Igoumenitsa (9 hours, 30 minutes) leave every day. During the summer months, this service is made via an additional stop at the port of Corfu (8 hours).

The fleet includes the Polaris and the Siren. These two vessels serve the ports of Igoumenitsa, Corfu and Cephalonia. Meanwhile, the Ionis and the Athens Express both provide services to the port of Durres.

The Ventouris fleet provides speedy services between Italy, Greece and the Ionian Islands. The vessels are manned by attentive staff and facilities include comfortable, air-conditioned cabins, duty-free shops and roomy lounges with comfortable seating.

Minoan Lines Ferry Company

The modern Minoan fleet encompasses eight ships and the length of the company's service spans 30 years. In 2005, Minoan Lines won the Lloyds List Passenger Line of the Year award. The fleet services a total of 79 destinations between Greece, Italy and other Mediterranean destinations.

From the port of Bari, Minoan Lines currently only offers services to the Greek port of Patras.

The Minoan fleet is comprised of modern ships that have all been recently delivered (rather than refurbished). All ships are equipped with airline-style seating and accommodate passengers with televisions, spacious lounges and a range of snacks and beverages.

Bari Port

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